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Interview with surging super-star Alonzo

Thank you for your time today, Alonzo. Please share with our readers your latest news!

Hey! Thank you so much for this interview. Latest news…Hmmm

I’ve been up to so much haha New single, Finishing the EP, trying to balance LIFE, and gearing up for a super awesome 2020.

What have been your greatest achievements in 2019?

Thinking about this question actually just made me feel better. So many times, we get so caught up in not being where we want to be in life that we lose sight of ALL that we have accomplished. 2019 was an amazing year for me. I toured with an entertainment company in partnership with the Prince ESTATE, I released my debut single charting in the Top 100 on itunes Rock Charts, and I just released a 2nd single. I also grew so much this year mentally, physically and spiritually. I’d say that was definitely my greatest achievement this year.

Please tell us about your latest single release, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!

Save Me from Myself in my opinion is my greatest work yet. It’s the 2nd single off my Debut EP and just an undeniable vocal that I am very proud of. I am most proud of the message within the song. A message that confronts anxiety and depression. A message that says WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE OURSELVES and we don’t have to fight alone.

Check out the Official Music Video to “Save Me from Myself” here:

Tell us about your recent work and speaking engagements and schools in Illinois and beyond! 

Empowering our next generation of youth is a huge passion of mine. I had the pleasure of going back to my hometown (Rockford, IL) at the end of October to speak at several schools. We called this the “Free of Fear School Tour” to promote my Free of Fear movement. I had no idea that we would have the impact that we had. Every school was amazing many of the students were emotional. It was a really powerful week to say the least.

Where can we follow you on line? 

Please follow me on Instagram @StoryOfAlonzo & Subscribe to my website at iamalonzo.com

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?   

I just want to take this last minute to remind whoever is reading right now that you are special. You are worthy! You are great! You are beautiful and you are powerful! You deserve to be happy & you are loved. You have strength and power inside of you that you haven’t even discovered yet. You deserve to see your dreams become reality and this is confirmation that you will! Sending everyone Love & Peace! X, ALONZO


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