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Pulp Romance drop new single

“Why now” the Portland, Oregon rockers Pulp Romance cry out in the gritty track “Sad Bath”. Part Nine Inch Nails, hints of Stone Temple Pilots, parts of Nirvana and wholly different take in their own direction, Pulp Romance dream up a mixture of heavy basslines and strut their guitars in the memorable “Sad Bath”.

The guys in the band are Jonah Poole, Nathan Martin, Ian Kelley and Kevin Pryles. “Sad Bath” is the “A” side and their first single. The pulse and the fever that just runs its course throughout the track is like a slithering electro lighting up the energy particles throughout your body. It’s not EDM, oh no, far from it. It’s heavy reverb and a backlash of the three-pong guitar assassination. Vocally, the words come out in a more pop-flavored delivery (very Nirvana) and hash it out with constrained emotion with the telling lyrics like “and you never, ever, had a word to say until now, why now! I said why now!…why you bringing me down, down, down.”

While they never say ‘sad bath’ the inference is that the person in the song is just drowning in the sadness, covering themselves night and day with the angst awash in their mind and heart. As a listener, Pulp Romance conveys the hurt through the wall of sound coming from the guitars. While the percussion is a bit subdued, it’s certainly present and keeping time. The band describes themselves as a garage band, and truth be told the rawness that emerges in “Sad Bath” is present, the song is actually quite polished. They don’t lose their street credit, though and the talent in the music bed gives them their genuine sound. I got stuck on repeat with the word ‘pulp’ in my head after listening to “Sad Bath” a few times and kept imagining the idea of a band squeezing an orange over and over in their hands – yeah, you get the juice, but the pulp is the stuff that is actually better for you. I think this song has flushed out the noise, and the garage ‘sound’ is gritty and may rock harder, they keep the ‘pulp’ that is the pop in this song and it makes it all that much better. “Sad Bath” is a great song to ingest.

Listeners that dig Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, the Black Keys and Silverchair will want to check out this tune. I think fans of Weezer, too, might find they like it. Just a thought. The ‘B’ side to “Sad Bath” is “Gasoline”. It’s another killer track and has a brighter disposition and a bit more Hot AC radio vibe. With lyrics like “you’re always looking for a thrill even though it might kill you” the guys take a few bigger leaps with songwriting. Between the two, Pulp Romance gets their rock chops covered and deliver two excellent songs right out of the gate. It’s a hard choice, but “Sad Bath” is the better of the two songs.

John McCall

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