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Treznik releases Exonym EP during Miami Music Week.

Yesterday Treznik dropped Exonym EP, his third official release via King’s Head Records.  It marks an rapid evolution on Treznik sound. The young producer explores and deconstructs classic deep house through a 3-D lens making sonic shape charges that shock and thrill. He applies neuro, bass, funk and glitch to create this futuristic document.

The EP opens with title track “Exonym”, a mysterious 100bpm song with a strong neuro influences, a funk bass line and clipped vocals.  “System Image” continues with the funk spirit but uses disco samples to add nostalgia to the iron house proceedings.  “Distant Feuds”, is a UK garage inspired cut with a rougher edge with expert sound design in the bass and synths.  “Spatial” gives us a strong closing, the disembodied atmospheric sounds are combined with Chicago juke/footwork influence to masterful effect.

Treznik is a young cutting edge DJ and producer born in Zaragoza, Spain.  After living most of his life in Charleston, South Carolina, he moved to Miami to master his craft.  He makes groovy, industrial tinged music with R & B sensibilities, refracting 90s hip-hop through the fast, dark edged dance music of today.

Exonym (pronounced x&m) will be available to purchase on April 27th but in the meantime you can stream it here on Soundcloud


  1. Exonym
  2. System Image
  3. Distant Feuds
  4. Spatial

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