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“A Lot To Lose” by Temme Scott

The start of the day means a clean slate, a fresh perspective. It also means sun kissed electrical guitars and understated drums – if you’re Temme Scott, that is. In her new track, “A Lot To Lose”, Scott’s whimsical whirl of a pop rock tune combines her magnetic vocals and a crushing guitar arrangement. That’s just a few of the winning combinations in this track. “A Lot To Lose” gathers a bevy of little quirks and nuances that give Scott a clear pathway to wining over many fans.

URL: https://www.temmescott.com/

Now based in Los Angeles, as a teenager Scott (born Taylor Emily) led her Baltimore-based band, Say Chance. From there she moved her college studies to the Golden State, landing at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to pursue a degree in psychology. A semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina ignited the music spark within her soul, and he began hitting stages in the city, as well as the LA scene when she returned to the States. “A Lot To Lose” sounds like a seasoned artist, taking chances on word twists, and singing like a woman that is as real as they get. Her purview, sometimes insecure as the rest of us, and optimism in “A Lot To Lose” garners sincere charm. She gives the listener a peak behind the curtain, and while I surmise that “A Lot To Lose” is about comparing oneself to another (my friends are solid gold), Scott sings with quiet confidence. I also interpreted this song as giving up it all to pursue a dream – leaving no room for toxic distractions. She’s not going back.

The disheveled guitar, the murky mix within the electric drumkit further reiterates the story – she may not have it all together, but she wants to. I want to call my dad and tell him it’s not that bad, she sings. (her press materials note that her moniker ‘Scott’ is actually her dad’s name). She’s not flighty and she’s a pixie-like songstress, singing with the grime only a true sojourner could attain. The rasp, the same she exudes in her May 2020, sensual release (and almost bluesy) “Understudy”. In “A Lot To Lose”, the pop rock flavor is saccharin and early Maroon 5 musicality. Her voice sings with relatability, it’s better than it’s been…I got a lot to lose….so don’t tell me any news, she sings with the hope and contemplative California girl attitude.

KKBOX: https://www.kkbox.com/tw/en/album/UTGeGvn17NZNe0F45Xdr009H-index.html

“A Lot To Lose” shifts through, by the song’s bridge it’s shifted waves just a tad in lower tones. By the song’s end she’s singing with more brevity and almost slams the door to close out the track. Scott’s voice snakes its way throughout the song, her movement like a professional yogi; the music bed running its course like a mind-changing river. As a listener, I rooted for her empowerment and her meaty voice. Whatever or whomever she’s pursuing, she’s sure to come out on top and be victorious. Temme’s album, Trust You, Trust You is slated for release this year.

John McCall

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