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“A Million Sunflowers” by Ackerman

The dreamy-experimental pop music of Ackerman can be found via many examples, thus showcasing  how versatile these three can be within the genre. “A Million Sunflowers” leaves no stones unturned in that department because it’s yet another trip on the unknown road they’re steadily becoming well-traveled down. Imagine indie rock with a very ambient twist and a lot of throwback qualities that help make it hard to define and that’s what Ackerman are well mining along the way. And that’s coming from a trio of musicians who’ve been at it long enough for proof.

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It might even be worth it to add that they keep the same standard up on stage, bringing it to life on a regular basis. “A Million Sunflowers” offers up some fresh music while they’re at it in the sound-byte generation that keeps eating content faster than artists can even produce it.  And in one sense or another, nothing is particularly new to the artist once it’s out and being consumed because they’re either out there performing it or working on their next recording project, or both of-the above. It just so happens that Ackerman always bring with them something to talk about.

With today’s multi-genre music, it can get downright hard to categorize something when the fact is, every fan sees it differently, right down to each record store selecting what’s what in their own perspective shops anymore. It’s of great concern to some people and not to others though, as I would almost call this Ambient Rock, as where fans of Ackerman would likely argue it’s nothing to do with that. I would also almost call it New Age, but probably again be disagreed with. But the point is, that’s a strength more than a weakness in anyone’s case.

Ackerman definitely-aren’t prog rock, but then they do have some inflections of groups like Pink Floyd and others, so it does have some progressive qualities, it’s just more pop friendly. And there’s plenty more where “A Million Sunflowers” comes from, so I’m just mentioning that on the level of the band itself by any example. For instance; this song does contain vocals and they are on the happier side, but it also contains very slow-paced atmospheric music and that’s where the “dreamy-experimental pop” factor comes in. Between those two elements lies a progressive inclination which is pretty-hard to deny.

As far as the soothing qualities of this song and all songs by Ackerman goes, they win second to none with every release. But “A Million Sunflowers” is the current place to start, so it stands on its own feat and invites any outsider to delve into more of their music. That’s where I found it to not only stand up to their past work but stand even with it in the process. This is a very cool band without question, and another song the fans can appreciate, but they should be way more exposed, even for a New York based outfit.

John McCall

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