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“Aether” from Faizan featuring Amadeus

Nature is an immense influencer in the art world, and in the new instrumental “Aether” from Faizan featuring Amadeus, it’s the subject of a multi-communicative sonic story that unfolds one strikingly beautiful layer at a time over the course of three minutes and change. Whether we’re listening to the track all on its own or watching the delicate music video made in support of its release, there’s no escaping its harmonious grasp, particularly as we enter the song’s latter half. It’s one of the more powerful performances born of collaboration I’ve heard this year, and once you check it out, I think you’re going to understand my enthusiasm.

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The music video for “Aether” is remarkably simple, dismissing the very notion of inauthentic buffering in favor of placing most all of the emphasis on the execution behind each melody. We watch on as the players find their individual parts and marry them with adjacent melodies in the mix, the entire track coming together bit by bit in real time. There’s a creative bend to the imagery, but nothing is especially theatrical – after all, if we’re to put most of our focus on the music itself, over the top visual devices simply don’t belong here.

I love the flow in this song, and from my own perspective, it’s hard for me to imagine lyrics being present in the music because of the dynamic between the percussion and the string parts. Verses would have got in the way of a chemistry as incendiary as dry wood in a heatwave, and in order for Amadeus and Faizan to properly play off of each other’s cues, there can’t be anything unnecessary or frilly added to the mix. Efficiency is the name of the game for these artists, and if that wasn’t known prior to this release, everyone’s going to get the point now.

There’s no arguing whether or not the cello parts are quite understated throughout “Aether,” but I would note that the instrument’s presence here undisputedly impacts how we’re to interpret the overall meaning of the song. Beside the somewhat anxious meanderings of the violin, the cello seems to afford the backend of the single a certain retrospective element that no bassline could ever replicate. It’s quite spellbinding, and absolutely something that’s worth taking a closer peek at once you’ve aesthetically stripped the track down to its instrumental nuts and bolts.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Aether-feat-Amadeus-Faizan/dp/B08D7T8C5N

I’m not always as impressed with experimental or ambient projects as some of my contemporaries are, but if you ask me, what Faizan is able to pull off with Amadeus in the music video for their single “Aether” is really something to be proud of. There’s been quite a bit of gold coming out of the international underground this summer, and despite the challenges set before these artists, there’s no denying that “Aether” is a beautiful encapsulation of their talents that doesn’t require a thorough knowledge of their individual styles to fully appreciate. It’s a slam dunk for the players, and moreover, listeners who like something a little more intellectual in general.

John McCall

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