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Aija Alsina

Aija Alsina brings us the “Morning Glow

Get ready for a trip down emotion lane. As the famous band Depeche Mode put it in their hit “Enjoy the Silence’, sometimes words are unnecessary. And while Aija Alsina’s track “Morning Glow” is anything but silent, listeners will understand the reference. “Morning Glow” is a beautiful, emotional song without words. The track is based around a simple piano melody, accompanied by a violin and a cello.  “Morning Glow” could easily be at home as the ending score for countless movies, not to mention animated features, soundtrack for advertisements, and many many more. Why? I feel it is because of its simple beauty and lack of words. People will put their own images and words on the music, and build their dreams from there.

Aija Alsina is a Latvian composer and producer currently based in London (UK). She writes music for films, TV, commercials and other media. Her styles embrace Neoclassical, Contemporary Classical, Piano and New Age. Her debut album, domum, is a set of 12 piano pieces, due to be released in September 2017. The album will feature work created over four years, and the title (Latin for homeward) expresses Aija’s return to her childhood instrument – the piano, but also implies the struggle of finding her own unique musical expression.

Check out “Morning Glow” here!

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