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Akacats _Lucha

AKACATS reshapes Chile’s Urban Music with “Lucha”

AKACATS is the project of Chilean MC and singer-songwriter Catalina Rojas. After releasing a mixtape in 2019, she has now developed her personal sound; heavily influenced by Latin R&B, Lo-fi rap, and digital rhythms.

Lucha” is the first offering off her upcoming album Cupido, due out September 9th. Under the versatile production of Foex, AKACATS shoots brilliant lyrics that aim to invite her generation to chase their dreams. She humbly reaffirms that making mistakes is a way of learning that shouldn’t be judged, and that in this new world, one is allowed to be who we are without competing with each other.

“This is the outcome of what I’ve been preparing with people that I have a lot of admiration for, and that makes me really proud and happy, waiting to finally release the new stuff. I am grateful to be able to share what really Latin America is and its social reality.”  – AKACATS


AKACATS is a Chilean singer. Her musical style is a mix between lo-fi rap and touches of soul and Latin American music. Her career was born naturally while hanging out in a friend’s studio in late 2018.

She had never rapped before, let alone created rhymes, but one day her friend offered to produce a hip hop album for her and she accepted the challenge. Months went by and she realized that singing was what she really wanted to do, and so the project started taking shape. It went from jamming in a friend’s studio to releasing her album on Subterraneo Club. She started recording with different producers and played at a festival with great women that represented urban music. Her main references are Biig Piig (female representative of the genre on the underground rap scene), Pimp Flaco with his heartfelt lyrics, the harmonies of Nick Murphy, and the style of San Senra.

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