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Alexander Vincent Frees Himself

Canadian born artist Alexander Vincent is back with his second single “Free Myself.” This video is very special and it connect with us at TML. Have you ever felt trapped in your work, a relationship, or just a situation? You most likely have and know of the relieving feeling you get once you free yourself. The video is filled with positive and negative emotions. Anxiety comes when Vincent is been almost captured by people wearing a full-body suits, finally you feel calm and relieved to know that everything is under his control. We won’t spoiled the end of the video here so you have to see it to know what we mean. In a conversation with LA Weekly Alexander shares:

“’You’ve worked on a bunch of successful hits, but, Alex’ — and I have to slap myself in the face — ‘this is not what you’re trying to do here. You’re vulnerable and you’re open and you’re doing what you believe in.’” – Alexander Vincent

Alexander is the drummer of MAGIC!, as well as, producer of a few of Sabrina Claudio’s songs. He has the experience and credits to keep being involved in the pop side of the music industry, but he is switching over to the experimental side to pursue his love for the more obscure music. His new tracks are honest and vulnerable, which is his motto.

“You just have to open yourself up, and a lot of us are just closed down. When you’re open to your emotions, when you’re crying to a pop song, there’s actually something very mature about that. Being vulnerable means challenging yourself to connect with something deeper.” – Alexander Vincent

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