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A songbird for our generation and many to come, Alicia Blue has sparked our ears once again with her latest single, ‘Magma’. The LA based folk songwriter is truly bringing back the come-together spirit of the 60s and 70s with her intoxicating musical style and textured lyrics: every line has a story to tell.

Almost like a warning sign, Alicia’s songs channel a message of hope and resilience. She has worked every job from waitressing to elderly care to support her and her craft, and it seems to only inform her music more. Only an ambitious and tenacious spirit could write with such transparency. The purity of ‘Magma’ is uplifting and grounding at the same time. She describes the babies of the Scorpio generation (born ’84 – ’94) bearers of upheaval and light, using the metaphor of an eruptive volcano to relay what is happening around us. Lava destroys everything in its path…but leaves behind the most fertile ground in its wake. 

“So much good is coming out of our destruction. Progress, protest, and it’s all in our hands, via the internet, and the higher consciousness that’s spending amongst us.” Alicia says. “It’s incredible. And real.”

The Mexican-American songwriter caught our attention with her first single, ‘Incognito’ which tells of Alicia’s experience as a “passing” Latina. The racist off color comments she was forced to hear growing up have brought her and her gritty stride to the heart of LA’s folk music scene where she continues to tell tales of not-so-pretty realities. 

“Oh the sky is on fire with ecstasy from a thousand magma children on their way home; We look so beautiful as we rise” – ‘Magma’, Alicia Blue 

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Words by Ariana Tibi

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