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“Alone (With Me)” Singe/Video by Katmaz

“Alone (With Me),” the new single from acclaimed pop singer/songwriter Katmaz, starts off with a spacy instrumental salvo that feels and sounds as if it were designed specifically to spellbind, drifting into the air around us with an ease that is both cerebral and remarkably easygoing. It doesn’t take a lot of time for Katmaz himself to find his way into the mix with a vocal that is as sweet as honey yet as cutting as a newly-sharpened samurai sword, and in the next few minutes that go by, he’ll use his voice as a powerful tool in transporting us away from a realm of worries to a place of sonic solitude.

URL: https://www.katmaz.com/

This song is undeniably built around its brightly-colored chorus, but this isn’t to suggest that it is missing something in the lead-in to an evocative eruption at all. If anything, the moodiness of the melodies that precede the chorus is probably even a little more intriguing than the verse accompanying the hook is, and to some degree, I think we learn more about Katmaz’s approach to lyricism through the structure of the harmonies in this song than we do from anything else. He’s got a lot of potential as a songwriter, and that’s impossible to deny after hearing this track.

Katmaz’s new single and music video come to a conclusion with much more bravado than either begin with, but that doesn’t minimize the impact of the first half of the track at all – honestly, I think this makes it all the more tempting to play “Alone (With Me)” all over again, regardless of whether or not we’ve just listened to it a couple of times through. Addictive, sporty but carefully composed as to get the most out of its melodic center, this is a great look for Katmaz, and easily one of his most alluring numbers to date.

John McCall

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