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Altvater brings the energy with “Arrival”

But on your intergalactic boots, and grab your lasergun! The countdown has begun!
This is what one feels when listening to Altvater‘s most recent foray in the vast realms of electronic music. “Arrival” is an apt name for the track, since it’s energy and pace get faster and louder as the track goes on, reaching a crescendo just at the end.

Altvater is a new electronic music producer hailing from South Carolina, whose music has a dark, emotional, sometimes retro sound. His work generally is a fusion of electronica, trip hop, and synthwave, primarily organized around heavy synthesis. His music relies on strong arpeggiated rhythmic and percussive influences when weaving his musical tapestries.

For us at Too Much Love, this track in particular feels like the very intense final boss battle of an amazing video game, or maybe something you’d hear in an old-school arcade. It is a little too heavy to classify as trip hop, but it is definitely the dream of someone that has been surrounded by electronics for many years. “Arrival” is part of the Alpine Nights EP, which you should check out in it’s entirety if you dig this.

Are you ready? 3…2…1…

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