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“Always Choose Wrong” the new single from Vanessa Salvi’s Terrorists of Romance

Rallying from the silence, driven by angst, riddled with charisma and as ready to erupt as an active volcano – this is “Always Choose Wrong,” the new single from Vanessa Salvi’s Terrorists of Romance, a project guaranteed to put a little energy back into your rock n’ roll life via the blistering LP After You Left (out now everywhere quality indie music is sold and streamed). After You Left’s most powerful song is arguably “Always Choose Wrong,” but it isn’t because of the track’s sonic intensity exclusively. True, there is a lot of physicality to every element in the instrumentation – the guitars, bass, drums – but leading the way at the front of the mix is none other than Salvi and her impressively melodic lead vocal. Her voice is one heck of a powerhouse weapon to unsheathe, but in this single, she demonstrates the kind of razor-sharp wit and wisdom that it takes to wield such a vicious device. Distortion-laden, a little punkish and sophisticatedly pop-influenced, “Always Choose Wrong” is a credible track from a songwriter who deserves to be spotlighted around the globe in 2020.

The production quality here is very polished, but there’s plenty of grit in the guitars and the bass in particular. The bassline drags along in the background to create excess tension as we lean in towards the chorus, but because of Salvi’s equally liberal style of melodic distribution, the vocal is able to balance out the fuzzy low-end tonalities without ever eliminating the grungy aesthetic from the mix. There’s not a lot of direct agility in her attack, but this isn’t to suggest that her performance is somehow lacking in urgency. The vocal is interwoven into the beat of the drums as to maximize the catharsis that comes flooding from the speakers in the chorus, and though it might have been easier to structure the entire track around a steadier beat rather than modulating back and forth, I think this way shows us how much depth Salvi has as a singer (and I must say, she’s got quite a bit). She’s not looking to compete with the amateur rookies in this song – Salvi is a professional, and she wants to be credited as such.

If what I’m hearing in “Always Choose Wrong” and After You Left is a fair sample of what I can expect to find in future releases from Terrorists of Romance, the momentum that Vanessa Salvi’s new project is experiencing is going to grow all the stronger in the next few years. Listeners around the world have been demanding more energy from their rock music, and among the alternative rock community especially, fans have been overwhelmingly vocal about wanting a bit more originality in the artists responsible for keeping the genre alive. Salvi and the Terrorists of Romance moniker are answering the demand in a really big way with “Always Choose Wrong,” and personally I can’t wait to find out what they’re going to develop in the studio next. This is a big moment for international indie music, and Vanessa Salvi seems determined to be right in the center of it.

John McCall

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