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Americanal Sensation Casey Ahern Releases New Single/Video

Casey Ahern has been developing her vocal skills in and outside of the recording studio quite marvelously in the last couple of years, and in her new single and music video “Bradley,” she makes it difficult for even the hardest of country critics to deny her evolving skillset. Though melodically structured much in the same fashion most of her work has been thus far, “Bradley” aches with a balladic sensibility so much more potent than what I had initially expected to find here. She’s getting stronger with each recording she releases, and I think longtime listeners are going to agree when I say this is some of her best work yet.

Official Website: https://www.caseyahern.com/

The music video for “Bradley” is pretty basic by contemporary standards, and justifiably so – after all, considering the decadence the song’s climax has to offer, I don’t think cluttered shots filled with overstimulating elements would have been wise here from any angle. The visual experience in this piece is tethered to the lyrical premise through simple pastoral cues as opposed to anything over the top or seemingly operatic, and for those of us who prefer the barebones country look of old, it follows the perfect formula without missing a step.

“Bradley” has a foundational melody as rich as it is inviting, but I think it’s worth noting that its melodic fireworks never become overstated in the master mix. The rhythm here is just as affectual and influential over the emotional context in the verses as any of the harmonies are, and when taking into account just how infrequently this can be said for most of the mainstream country content hitting record store shelves this March, there’s no getting around how special a release this is not only for Ahern, but for the listeners she’s targeting with her music.

This talented young woman is becoming quite the artistic powerhouse in 2021, and it’s easy to understand why she’s gained the cult following she has when analyzing a track like “Bradley” and its companion video. Casey Ahern neither presents herself as cocky nor retreats from a challenging composition when it comes time to proving the worth she has as a performer and a modern day poet, and as much as it pains me to say this as a country music enthusiast, that’s just nothing something you can expect out of most Nashville exports anymore. She’s going her own way, and that’s very clear in “Bradley.”

John McCall

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