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Andria Rose mesmerizes with “The Abstract”

Each internal world is vast and different. The ways we emotionally deal with circumstances is as diverse as we too are from each other, but all of those internal worlds have one crucial similarity between them that makes this spectrum of human experience still something relatable, very much in spite of its puzzling nature: The mind is filled to the brim by the abstract.

Austin-based Latin Singer/Song Writer Andria Rose Strikes hard with her single “The Abstract” by taking us along in her journey to the center of her mind, where thoughts and images flourish in abstractions and riddles. Andria’s journey is set to a floaty dream-pop harmony with strong jazz vocal undertones, presenting us with a soundscape that cleverly turns into a very subdued psychedelic experience.

The Song is first and foremost an introspective piece about the artist, and -somewhaty- paradoxically, Andria used it to step outside of her usual perspective to take a level-headed assessment of her life and what she needs or expects from others and herself. The Zen-like, equanimous outlook is weaved perfectly into the sound, as it has this very mellow and relaxing atmosphere to it that is nevertheless quite conducive to this laser-focused state that allows you to really take in the lyrics and the instruments carefully.

Rose’s music is described as being “like honey straight out of the jar.” and with good reason, like the substance, her sound is sweet, crystalline, smooth, and very flavorful. Far from being merely a “pop”, she makes it clear from the get-go that her music is always densely packed and deserving of your full sensory attention to truly appreciate each spoonful -or earful in this case- and discover the hidden influences and rhythms that lie just below the surface.



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