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Annika Grace Urges You Not To Follow The Norm in New Single, ‘Anybody Out There’

Quivering vocals enter passionately, asking questions you would only find in a diary, while synths decorate a pop soundscape. Annika Grace’s new single, ‘Anybody Out There’ observes the dynamic of loneliness that is inevitably perpetuated by today’s “me” culture. It’s a modern composition with a subdued seduction; Annika’s mature tone leads us into her observations of the world today. 

“I consider myself a little old fashioned and a hopeless romantic, and I feel today that is fading,” Annika says. “I wrote this song in hopes others would relate and understand that even if the world does one thing, you do not have to play follow the leader.”

‘Anybody Out There’ reflects a society that is invariably consumed with fame, comparison, and success. It’s a “swipe right” nation that pushes our perspective to the peripheral, distracted by the desire for validation and status. Raised in Los Angeles, Annika encountered this toxic vision for years. Everyone seemed to weigh as much as the gold in their pocket or mean as little as their no-name handbag. Feeling like morals and values were thrown to the wall, Annika took to the pen for company and uses it to tell her story. 

Amounting to over 600k views on YouTube, Annika’s music as received acclaim from blogs such as EarMilk and Hype Machine. In addition to her career as a singer songwriter, Annika’s poetry has won six silver keys in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She has been awarded First Place Gold Medalist for the World Poetry Movement’s Best Poets and Poems and Gold Medalist in the International Who’s Who in poetry contest.

Catch Annika Grace live at Saturdays At Sevenin LA on April 13th, and be on the lookout for her upcoming book of poetry, The Shallow End.

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