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Arbo – “Thick Lenses” [PREMIER]

Here at Too Much Love we’re happy to bring you “Thick Lenses”, the latest track by Arbo. A Purchase College (SUNY) graduate, his music is full of deep, lush and intense sounds, resulting in music that is full of sound but not crowded. Everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.

“Thick Lenses is a song is about my struggles as an individual, becoming at peace with the world and feeling trapped in a body I both love and hate”

The track starts off slow and simple, and slowly grows in intensity until it overflows with heartfelt music and overlaying vocals forming choruses over the lyrics. The end result is a song which will make you think of Muse combined with some swing and jazz. Throw some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club into that mix, and name the final product “Think Lenses” by Arbo.

The track will also tickle the fancy of fans of artists such as Tame Impala or the new psychedelic movement from the west coast.


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