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“Are You Ready” (SINGLE) from Justin Murta, featuring Charlie Barrale, Ovylarock

“Are You Ready” from Justin Murta, featuring Charlie Barrale, Ovylarock, is like a sonic Capri Sun drink. The up-and-down soundwaves, much like a musical burp-burp-burp from a straw, “Are You Ready” is a wild, pleasureful get away. Smooth vocals and dropped beats aren’t the only trophies in this track, Murta’s swirling music bed rises to the top. “Are You Ready” is a game-changer.

URL: https://justinmurta.com/

Tingling like a leaf in the breeze, the male vocalist sings we took their advice and it took away our livesso, are you ready, I said are you ready…to open your eyes. Much like “Give Me Everything Tonight” from Pitbull that features Ne-Yo, the roaring and ripping music base interweaves itself with the vocalist. The needle never drops, it just cruises along a flashy, New Year’s Eve ball-drop sensation. As the confetti-like mood lifts and lifts, the vocals undulate between the rhythms. It’s a tight spot, but the vocals filter through. The pining and the joy wrapped within the vocals is a triumph. I don’t think the listener would experience the same elation if this were a hip hop track – the singing really sealed the deal for me.

Murta, who hails from Seattle, Washington, has been churning out EDM and dance music mostly to an enthusiastic Southeast Asian crowd. That’s not to say he doesn’t have worldwide fans. On the contrary, he’s collaborated with such hit makers as CeeLo Green, Armin Van Buren and Macklemore. His press materials note that he’s performed in a whopping 34 countries and on five continents. Murta was also a member of the Seattle hip hop group The Rebelz. The group took home a Seattle Emerging Artist Award. Furthermore, Murta’s early musical journey as a violinist, serves him well in “Are You Ready”. His ear for the melodic thread running through the track captures an infinite harmony. It could theoretically go on for days and just as the vocalist tattoos the chorus to the listener’s brain, the music bed is tethered to the listener’s ear.

He also includes a balmy guitar. Entangled within its strings is a feeling of honesty and letting one’s guard own. The guitar vibe sweats a rich, maple/pine combination. The yellow-toned imagery erupting from the guitar is like the sugary icing on the cake. The guitar is juicy, but not wet. It’s presence is just as important as the reverberating bass lines and top hat percussion. Murta spins it all together in his kiln, with a polished, yet improvisational sounding track. “Are You Ready” delivers the goods. The stout guitar and the memorable chorus makes “Are You Ready” a winner.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Ready-feat-Charlie-Barrale-Ovylarock/dp/B087QTYHZ1

“Are You Ready” is from Murta’s debut, self-released album, Fairytale (May 2020). Back in the United States since 2015, after years of living abroad in Vietnam, he’s now the resident DJ for King 5 News (NBC affiliate) in Seattle and The DJ Sessions on ITV (live every Wednesday at 9 p.m., Pacific Time). Judging by his wealth of experience, Murta’s thirst for creating original music will go far. The time is now for Murta’s “Are You Ready”.

John McCall

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