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Argentinian Singer/Songwriter Yamil Eljel Releases “Gravity”

Argentinian singer/songwriter Yamil Eljel expresses the pull humans have on each other and second chances in the rousing new single “Gravity”. Surrounded by dropping synth and folksy guitar riffs, Eljel’s mesmerizing voice melodically and methodically wraps the listener around his finger. With “Gravity, the listener can easily hum-along to Eljel’s warm voice, at the same time be in awe of his top notch wordsmith skills.

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“Gravity”, which Eljel sings in English and not in his native Spanish tongue, has some charming lines.  I threw myself into the ocean, to know what it feels like and get back to the surface again, Eljel sings. As a listener, I could here just a slight accent, and it’s quite lovely. It gives a layer of romanticism and boyish charm. He’s sensitive sounding and rolls the listener into his dreamy, contemplation. Everything around is changing, he sings, and the listener is immediately drawn to an idea of the center of gravity swirling around him. You promised to be there, he continues. He’s wanting to change the other’s mind, a second chance.

The synth music bed, sometimes sparkling with light, and other times derailed into a darker toned ambient foundation, is so coolly connected to the acoustic guitar arrangements. The backing beat, a presumed drum machine, is just as tight. It’s all very modern sounding and further bolsters the floating feeling. When he sings the ocean lines, it’s like the listener is awash in the sounds, with his voice acting as a life jacket. I loved the ebb and flow he has going in this song, and the movement escalates at the right times. He keeps you guessing and the song emits several emotions. For one thing, as a listener, you begin to think inwardly about the times in your own life that you’ve wanted second chances.

You also start, and maybe this is on purpose, to ponder if you’ve been selfish and think in certain instances if you were the center of attention – were you being self-centered? I kept thinking of the way he played on the word gravity and the different meanings it can conjure. Does each relationship have an expiration date? What goes up, must come down? Eljel’s universally felt musical conversation triggered those thoughts. I think listeners will discover these same reactions, and quite possibly even just let go and release themselves to the idyllic synth bed. Be still my heart, you synthesizers and polished drum beats. Be still. His voice, too, steadies the pathway and keeps the listener near his heart. Eljel has it going for him on all cylinders in this song.

Yamil Eljel gels together a profoundly entertaining track in “Gravity”. After many years performing within a band, this solo outing proves quite fruitful. “Gravity” has a lot to bite into and Eljel has mastered the entire ecosystem that goes into producing a song. His righteous synthesizer use and modest vocals wink their way into the listener’s heart. “Gravity” is just the type of song that pulls you in, and keeps you close.

John McCall

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