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Astari Nite – “Time Hangs On Your Fingertips (IIOIOIOII Remix)”

IIOIOIOII shares their remix of Astari Nite’s song “Time Hangs on Your Finger Tips”. The remix transforms the energetic new wave original into a dreamy, industrial, electronic trip that will make you want to dance.

IIOIOIOII’s mix maintains vocalist Mychael Ghosts words almost unchanged, but transforms the music into a dark ambient electronic track.

Ambient Synthpop act IIOIOIOII (Pronounced I.O.) formed in 2012. I.O. is the project of Christopher Gurney from North Carolina. Straying from conventional soundscapes I.O. delves into more atmospheric and emotional scoring.  IIOIOIOII is on the roster of the experimental electronic music UK label AnalogueTrash with their new EP Post Brimstone released on cassette and digital format on August of 2016.

“Time Hangs on Your Finger Tips” was originally released on the LP Until The End Of The Moon, Astari Nite’s sophomore album.

Hit Play and Enjoy!

Astari Nite will be playing their last show of the year on December 17th at Wish for Xmas party at The Orlando Brewery, in Orlando, FL.

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