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Austin Sand Cruise

Austin Sands’ Solo Debut single

Today we have Too Much Love for the multifacetical, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Austin Sands. Perhaps best remembered as keyboardist and lead guitarist in the Billboard-lauded Electro-Rock outfit Metro Station, Austin finds himself once more immersed in the industry, this time taking on the currents by himself with his solo debut single “Cruise”.

The song is a grounded and catchy Synth-pop anthem that vibes ever cheerful and upbeat. It’s crystalline and summery, with a relaxed atmosphere that makes it all the more appropriate to cruise around with. Though the track makes full use of a near-retrowave synth line, there’s also a completely “unorthodox” use of recurring acoustic guitar chords throughout that freshen up the song even more.

The guitar is of particular note as it represents Austin’s own personal upbringing as a classically-trained guitarist, and sound-wise, it helps to spice up the electronic tapestry with this more traditional use of instruments. His ultimate message with “Cruise”? to appreciate the way lives intersect, and more importantly: To really be there for the people in your life when they need you. The song came to Austin as he was driving down the gorgeous California coastline, reflecting on how people’s roads often cross in the most fortuitous ways, as the inspiration struck, he got to work immediately, recording part of it as a voice note on his phone to really flesh out later.

“Cruise” is a bold first step in Austin’s solo career, one taken in the right direction if I might add. Austin plays to his strengths through his immaculate clean vocals and the carefully designed aesthetic he conveys through the sound, and he is, after all, a designer. When not making music, Sands employs his artistic talents in the world of fashion design. He’s collaborated with Robert G. Keith on the eyewear division of Hoorsenbuhs. he’s also worked designing jewelry and even interiors, with sound design being neither last nor least, as he’s even lent his knowledge to a film’s sound department.




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