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“Automatic Love” by The Great Beyond (PREMIERE)

Things just make sense when you listen to the synth-pop heavy track “Automatic Love” from Los Angeles’ The Great Beyond. Feeling like you’re fused into the colors swirling around a kaleidoscope the song isn’t necessarily trippy as it is electronic pulses of shapes and auras surrounding your listening experience. The Great Beyond have themselves a sound like no other in the oh-so-good “Automatic Love”.

Sounding more like David Bowie and New Order, singer (and lone member) Spencer O’Karma is fit for an art house piece. His voice is cool and he knows it. It’s not that he’s snarky – far from it. He’s confident and he’s austere. He sounds like the kid that can pull off wearing a top hat with steampunk one day and Judas Priest leather the next. With very tiny hints of insecurities in the words, he still proves a true lead singer and rock star.

The way he sings “I’ve been trying to get this right…it’s automatic love” there’s a sincere yearning in his voice. He’s wanting it so bad and as a listener you feel like you’re on this space station with him, all the sounds coming from the synths giving you buoyance. The guitar bridge is bright and shifts the tone just a bit. It’s a head turner and that vibe the guitar brings lasts for just the right about time. I wanted the guitar to last a bit longer, but the synth is just right on point. So good. These sounds elevate each other in such a spectacular, albeit precarious way. 80s fans (especially Kate Bush fans) will devour this sound. Near the end of the song O’Karma’s voice is high pitched and it’s like the sun is exploding in the sky. I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying, but I sure liked it! I’m kicking myself that I haven’t figured out the words after this many listens, but that’s also why I like it so much. I don’t need to know the words. O’Karma has that leeway for the listener, that trust in his art to put it out there for the masses and say what they will. Feel how they feel. Fans of Christopher the Conquered, even Coldplay, Devo, MGMT and more will really want to check this song out and add it to their Spotify playlists.

It’s just an awesome, immersive song. O’Karma’s throwing sounds and emotions left-and-right. As a listener you feel so into the groove. The beats and rhythms he’s maneuvered on the computer are stunning and actually feel organic and mesmerizing. They play off each other so well and his voice is odd at times, but that’s the artistic achievement. He owns it.

“Automatic Love” is from the album Heaven Is A Room (via Magic Nothing records). In a world where indie music is so available, The Great Beyond takes the listener beyond the norm and too far off spaces of the mind and the heart. It’s an auditory escape and couldn’t be better in a time of chaos, strife and even panic. The Great Beyond’s “Automatic Love” is simply incredible.

John McCall

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