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Ballbusters on Parade Festival is happening this weekend!

Everyone knows Miami is a city well known for its music festivals, but nothing could be further from Ultra than this one.

No, you won’t be seeing flower crowns and appropriative native headdresses that make everyone feel uncomfortable at Ballbusters On Parade (BOP). Instead, South Florida’s punks, metalheads, crossover fans and lovers of distorted sounds will congregate at Churchill’s Pub this weekend for a marathon of debaucherous music. Get ready for insane shows, mosh pits, weird characters, and drinks after drinks. But wait.. that sounds like every other weekend at Churchill’s… What’s different this time?

The line-up is the difference. With a serious list of local heavyweights, and almost half of the line-up sought-after out of towners; the quality, energy and overall volume of the music promises to be intense! Organizers Hardcore for Punx (synonymous in Miami and South Florida for booking hard to see acts from South America) outdid themselves this time, pulling bands in from Bogota (Colombia), Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia to name a few. The festival combines metal, punk, rock, doom, and pretty much every genre that uses a distortion pedal.

Among the many names are a few Too Much Love favorites, including Bleeth, Wrong, Devalued and Crud. The doom duo Holly Hunt will also be there trying to burst your eardrums, as usual, while Zeta will bring us their kaleidoscopic yet heavy energy to the stage.

Perhaps most excitingly of all for long-standing Miami hardcore fans, the festival welcomes a reunion set from Nunhex who have until recently been on a hiatus. The anticipation for the fest as a whole is palpable, check out the entire lineup, in all its extensiveness, on the Facebook event page.

BOP festival will go from November 2nd (this Friday) through to the 4th (Sunday). Advance online tickets are already sold out, so you’ll have to try at the door. Don’t worry though, I’ve never witnessed Churchill’s turn away a patron because of capacity at this kind of event! How so? ‘Cause people hanging off the ceiling is a tried and tested tradition at this kind of show……………. Can you tell how excited I am for this?

See you at Churchill’s Pub this weekend! The address is 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137.

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