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Bandcamp leads the fight against LGBT discrimination on August 4th

On August 4th, the online streaming and sales webpage Bandcamp will be donating all profits to the fight against LGBT discrimination. First among the Miami bands to jump on this opportunity to help are Astari Nite  and Holly Hunt, both outspoken bands that decry discrimination and prejudice, and advocate for acceptance and understanding. The local label Other Electricities also immediately jumped on it.

“Bandcamp is a platform for artistic expression, and all manner of variance in experience and identity, including gender and sexuality, is welcome here. We support our LGBT+ users and staff, and we stand against any person or group that would see them further marginalized. This includes the current U.S. administration. In response to the administrations stance, we will be donating 100% of our share of every sale on Friday, August 4th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time) to the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to change law, policy, and culture for the more equitable”. – Bandcamp

When an Executive Order was issued earlier this year barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States, Bandcamp held a wildly successful fundraiser for the ACLU. They’re now hoping to do the same for trans rights. From Too Much Love and our friends at Jolt Radio we feel that this is an admirable position. Bandcamp represents creative people, regardless of their sexuality. In the necessity to judge peoples performance in any way should arise, it should be judged by their own personal capacities, not sexuality.

So, Too Much Love wants to send out some love to Astari Nite who have their EP “Dreams Of Majesty” coming out August 15th via Cleopatra Records, as well as Holly Hunt, whom are fresh from participating at Miami Girls Rock Camp, and have a free live show at Kill Your Idol on August 4th (starts around 10pm), with support of local legend Rat Bastard.

Keep it easy going, folks! This is Miami, FL. We are living in a state where flaka is common and people stab each other with squirrels. The sexuality of anyone shouldn’t be on our list of worries.


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