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“Because of You” the new single from Darrell Kelley

“Because of You” is the new single from Georgia’s Darrell Kelley. From the album I’m So High, Kelley is an independent artist with a lot to say – “Because of You” calls out the National Rifle Association (otherwise known as the NRA) and the gun violence and deaths of children in America. Kelley’s bravado is equally matched by his sensitivity and honest approach to a hot button issue.

URL: https://darrellkelleyofficial.com/

Kelley combines R&B, pop and a bit of jazz musical threads into the song’s foundation. At certain points, the dramatic beats and tones feel computerized – he’s reliant upon pro tools and other industry bells and whistles. I think it really works in this case. His voice is confident and the extra emphasis with auto-tune creates a dynamic effect, and polarizes his chorus: “NRA, it’s because of you, did you hear the children screaming…did you see the children dying…tell us what you’re going to do…this is all because of you.” The words “because of you” have a lasting impression. It stings to hear these words as a listener – not in support of the NRA by any means – but as a human being trying to find answers and solutions. I think Kelley is aiming his hopes on creating a change within his fan base and giving listeners an outlet for the frustrations surrounding the horrific child murders. He’s not political; he’s telling it like it is.

According to his official biography, Kelley has previously released R&B/gospel tracks from his debut effort, EP Storm is Coming (2018), Unity and Here Ends The Lesson (both in 2019). As a listener, I felt like “Because of You” stretched his subject matter, and his writing is really growing. I do think he’s consistently in his range as far as singing. Kelley really has a charming way of creating an instant rapport with this listener. “Because of You” is a striking song, there’s no way around that, but his hope for getting the message out and for connecting fans to perhaps think differently is accomplished. I loved the way he connected the dots between a CNN interview regarding a school shooting and put pen to song. A remarkable talent, indeed.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/because-of-you-single/1490391198

Additionally, Kelley’s biography also notes, “his book “The Book of UWGEAM” is a summary of how through love, unity and respect a better way of life is accessible to all. Mr. Kelley also serves as the Pastor of The Pathway Gospel Ministry Church. Yet, he still finds time to create, perform and record great music. Darrell Kelley is the epitome of a renaissance man.” Knowing this about Kelley gives “Because of You” a solid foundation, a new perspective while listening. Again, I never felt like the song was political, and it’s a plead. It’s also in its own way a pledge to the victims to never give up the fight and give voice to the voiceless.

“Because of You” is worth a few listens and for music fans looking for something new and thought-provoking for their musical playlists, Kelley’s song (and entire discography) is worth diving into.

John McCall

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