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Bed Scene Gears up to finish 2021 with “It Feels Better” – Interview

From starting out as a one-man songwriting project to playing Miami’s most talked-about festival, Bed Scene have come a long way. Now a full band, the Miami-based pop-rockers just dropped a video for their new single, “It Feels Better,” and debuted the song live during an electrifying set at III Points 2021. We caught up with frontman Nick Aponte ahead of their performance.

III Points is known in Miami for its deep support of local talent. What does it mean for you to have played the festival?

Playing III Points was a huge milestone for us. As a Miami native, I was really grateful for the opportunity to be recognized alongside some of the headlining acts and provided with an incredible platform to showcase what we can bring to the stage.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

I love the intensity of feeling the audience’s energy and reaction to the music. It’s a great sensation to be able to perform a song after the process of writing and rehearsing. There is a great sense of accomplishment to it.

Are there any artists on the III Points lineup, local or otherwise, that you were excited to see live in Miami?

There are a bunch! The Strokes and Wu Tang Clan are top favorites for me. Also, Devendra Banhart, Crumb, Thundercat, and Washed Out. Some of our favorite locals include our friends at Rick Moon, Jaialai, and Palomino Blond.

How has living in Miami influenced the way you write and produce your music?

I like making music that gets people moving! I think that comes from the strong Latin American influence in Miami’s culture. People sometimes associate Miami with bright colors and this sort of ’80s nostalgia. It’s fun to play with those themes when writing songs.

Tell us about your new video for “It Feels Better”

We filmed the “It Feels Better” music video in a span of four days, all in different locations. We wanted to portray Miami’s “endless summer” imagery, so the idea was to capture as much of the season as possible. For the first two days of filming we worked with a roller skate collective and our friends to capture the momentum and sense of “living in the moment” as they circled us. They were awesome. The last two days of filming were at South Beach in front of a bunch of tourists and the last day was at a performance at Las Rosas. It was a very intense production but nonetheless a great experience.

“It Feels Better” combines a bright pop-rock sound with lyrics about working hard and surviving in the city. Did anything specifically inspire you to write the song?

“It Feels Better” came from reflecting on the overall weight of living. Sometimes we feel like a situation is too much and we don’t know how to overcome it, but we manage to make things work. Although we face these challenges, life is meant to be enjoyed, so the single, “It Feels Better” is an ode to that.

Bed Scene started as a one-man project. How has expanding into a band changed the way you work?

There is a strong sense of community with the band. We each have our own unique qualities that make us work better as a unit. As the songwriter, I consider each of our playing styles on our instruments when arranging a song. It sort of sets these creative limitations and ultimately becomes part of the sound. Having the band also takes some weight off of my shoulders knowing I have them to fall back on.

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

I’d love to collaborate with Ela Minus. She has such a cool sound. We went to college and had a class together. She will also be at III Points this weekend.

What else do you have coming up?

We are in the process of setting up some dates outside of Miami in the coming new year. We’ll be working on recording more music and making more content to keep the ball rolling.



Text By: Douglas Markowitz

Photo By: Olivia Alvarez

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