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“Believe and Become” (Single) by singer/songwriter Sharon Hendrix

In her new single “Believe and Become,” singer and songwriter Sharon Hendrix continues to assert herself as a masterful vocalist first and foremost, and while this isn’t the first track of note to be submitted under her moniker, it has the look and feel of a turning point in her budding career. The music video for “Believe and Become” is simplistic because it doesn’t need more than its main melodies to entice any viewer into staying tuned to every word Hendrix sings. She’s the full package, and she does it all without any synthetic assistance from behind the scenes.

URL: https://sharonhendrix.net/

Beyond her voice, Sharon Hendrix’s overall stylization of the beat in this song is magnetizing from the moment we press play forward. She commands the direction and tempo of every instrument in “Believe and Become” through nothing more than the cadence of her verses, which is particularly difficult in minimalist environments like this one. Regardless of how ambitious the material is, this is an artist that can be relied on when it comes to bringing her A-game into the studio, and if that wasn’t well-known beforehand, I think it’s going to be common knowledge following the success of this new single.

While the music video for “Believe and Become” is a little barebones, its design is the perfect complement to what Hendrix is trying to construct with her lyrics and the melodies framing them. The imagery is reflective of her simple statements and the epic consequences the have the potential to yield, and though her optimism comes in the face of an incredibly pessimistic millennial generation, it could be just the shot of vitality some listeners need this September. Music has healing properties, and in this instance, they’re be exploited by someone who is more than just a trained professional.

Producers probably would have been wise to scoop the EQ on the bass a bit more just to allow for better clarity in the bottom-end groove, but I can also understand the look they were going for with this formula instead. There’s plenty of room to remix “Believe and Become” a hundred different ways in Hendrix sees fit, and with the versatility of her sound, it would not surprise me in the least if we heard another version of the track before the year’s end. Her vocal is the centerpiece, and as long as its integrity is kept well-preserved, this composition is a smash in my book.

A stunning exhibition of ability, emotionality and songwriting prowess a lot of critics had not yet recognized in her sound, Sharon Hendrix’s latest release in “Believe and Become” is a fine listen for anyone who likes epic vocal pop music. This has been a rather good year for the genre considering just how strange everything else about 2020 has been thus far, and if you’re looking for one of the brighter underground stars worth keeping on your radar this autumn season, I would recommend taking out some time to spend with Sharon Hendrix sooner than later.

John McCall

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