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Belly of Paris – “Aristide’s Entry into Paris”

This is one of those cases in which you hear the music and you ask anyone and everyone “What is this? This is great!” Well, in this case the band is called Belly of Paris. Some will immediately notice a singing style similar to that of Nick Cave, which we think is great. Not enough people sing like that.

“Aristide’s Entry into Paris” takes you straight into a night with low light, little tables and a woman of dark beauty that won’t tell you her name. The band has this to say about the track: Aristide… is a song about greed and sex, but also about the carving up of the world’s finer places by developers and the moneyed – the idea is loosely based on Emile Zola’s “The Kill”

Belly of Paris are a “doom cabaret” Indo-Anglo-Palestino-Hungaro-Argentine sextet based in the tiny island of Bahrain who just released their debut album ‘Peste’ on November 7th. We hope to see them on tour soon!

Give it a listen and show some love!


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