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“Big Mouth Small Brain” Kevin Hockaday

Sensuous as they are entrancing, the gentle percussive beats that come sliding into focus at the onset of “Big Mouth Small Brain,” the new single from Kevin Hockaday, are enough to make any EDM addict weak at the knees, and while they’re debatably more of the minimalist school than they are an indulgence in surrealist themes, they don’t need any extra assistance in setting the mood for every stitch of melodic ribbonry that soon follows their quiet introduction. As we witness the track forming before us, there’s an unspoken urgency that starts to make its way into the fold, evoking chills with each textured groove emitted from our speakers. There’s only one thing deceptive about “Big Mouth Small Brain” – its title, being that it’s undisputedly one of the smartest electronic songs I’ve heard in a long time.

URL: https://hockadaymusic.com/

There aren’t any lyrics in this track, but what you’re Kevin Hockaday, you just don’t need ‘em. Using the bass as a channel for unhuman communique, Hockaday wraps us in one layer of sonic decadence after another until it feels like we’re going to suffocate beneath the blanket of drum n’ bass virtuosity growing inside the song. The release here doesn’t come in the shape of a chorus, or even a central hook; it is only when we listen to “Big Mouth Small Brain” in its entirety from start to finish, barring all external interruptions mind you, that we’re able to understand that its plodding tempo and steady ascent into mechanical harmony are the catharsis, making the whole composition more of a meditative piece than a standard electronica single.

The only element I might have changed here would have been to give the drumbeat just a little more attention towards the end of the track, as it feels like the percussive component here starts to fade in importance as we get closer to the song’s conclusion, but I suppose that I can understand what Kevin Hockaday was trying to accomplish in taking this alternate route. If sonic equilibrium was the primary goal in making “Big Mouth Small Brain,” it was essential to keep the drums on an even level with the bass throughout this single, allowing from the low-end tonalities to overtake the direction of the beat by the time we near the finish line. It’s a complicated way of writing music, but let’s face it, Kevin Hockaday’s unique approach is what makes his work so fun to listen to.

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If you’re as picky as I am when it comes to trying out new EDM, you’ve probably already dismissed a couple of the big-name underground releases to debut this year as being all fat and no muscle, but that isn’t a concern with “Big Mouth Small Brain.” Here, Kevin Hockaday shines like an indie diamond in the rough, exhibiting his present skillset while dropping some not so subtle hints about what he’s eyeing for the future, and whether you’ve heard his music before or not, this track is a great means of getting introduced to his artistry.

John McCall

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