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BLXPLTN drops new Single/Video

BLXPLTN are a lot of things, but one thing they definitely aren’t is your mom and dad’s rock n’ roll band, and that’s made abundantly clear to us in the cerebral video for their latest single, “Zzeerro (Dying for You to Get Rich),” which is currently out and available everywhere heavy music is sold and streamed. Willfully abrasive and unafraid of sonic limitations that their peers would just as soon shy away from experimenting with, BLPLTN’s “Zzeerro (Dying for You to Get Rich)” is a jarring, shamelessly noisy bolt of punk lightning, and if carnal grooves and thunderous riff-rock intensity are your cup of tea, I think you’re going to get a lot out of its two and a half minutes of sheer destruction.

The bass element in this single is suffocating beyond belief, but it surprisingly doesn’t overpower any of the other elements in the music at all – if anything, it actually matches up with the masochistic melodies in the track beautifully. The mix here is debatably as muscular and off the cuff as the actual content of the song is, and though the vocal comes up against a torrential downpour of distortion from start to finish, there’s scarcely a moment where it isn’t the most captivating component in the recording.

URL: http://www.blxpltn.com/

Punks, noise-rockers, industrial fans and indie metalheads alike need to make a point of checking out BLXPLTN’s new single and particularly its music video this March, as I think it qualifies as an early contender for best alternative rock single out of the underground this year. “Zzeerro (Dying for You to Get Rich)” will blow the paint off of your walls and quake the floorboards beneath your stereo, but for those of us who live for the brutality of an original rock song, this is about as powerful a release as you’re going to find this spring, and if their contemporaries fail to produce something competitive, 2020 overall.

John McCall

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