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Born Days – “Where we Live”

Nothing sends a quicker chill down the spine than a scary horned devilish creature following a woman in the light-of-day. It’s this image, from the Born Days song “Where We Live” and its accompanying video, that creates a madness of sorts. Born Days, gathering all the synthesizers and drum arrangements into a retro basket, reaps many rewards in the deliciously modern sounding “Where We Live” (projected October 2019 release date via Rain Heart Records).

URL: http://www.borndaysmusic.com/about

The voice behind Born Days is Melissa Harris. In fact, the band is just her, too. She’s got a thing for mixing up glorious sounds from keys, like from a Hammond organ, and her voice is fittingly made to accompany the perplexing movements the guitars and percussion navigate. She’s soft-sounding and yet a mysterious veil covers the song. She’s confident, but not so confident the listener is turned off by the song and her own bravado. Harris seems to channel an innocence, yet in the video, she draws the viewer into a darkness. She’s not seducing the listener, but rather coddles just a bit. The video never disturbs the viewer in a strong sense, but it balances the chill and mystery with lights and love.

Back to that video  and that devil. The storyboard splits between an ‘above ground’ world and a ‘below ground’ tunnel or cave type of world. The devil appears to be in both arenas and director Phil Cagen takes advantage of using the color red as much as he can. It’s not known exactly why a devil is used to symbolize the song. “Where We Live” is more focused on the vibe and tonal product and at times, Harris’ voice is little match to the numbing (in a good way!) music bed. For as bright as the colors are in the above ground world, and Harris’ airy vocals, this video and song feels scary, chilly, hopeful, lovely and comforting all at once. At the very least, the listener and the viewer feel something! What can be derived from the video is a feeling that the world is depraved. But Harris isn’t. Or is she? What is she trying to sing about? It’s hard to tell, but what isn’t hard to tell is that her subdued passion is contagious and makes the listener want to listen more. Visually, her look and her cool, “it factor” demeanor is equal to her impressive voice.

BANDCAMP: https://borndays.bandcamp.com/

Born Days hails from Chicago. This song doesn’t showcase the cities rich blues heritage and it’s exciting to hear a unique and fresh, mysterious sound. Harris has a delightfully enchanting voice and presence. “Where We Live” fascinates with this ethereal vibe and retro-tonal mood. Harris accomplishes this flawlessly and even the tiny imperfections in the video are glaring examples of her creativity and her one-of-a-kind artistry. She’s already mastered an instant rapport with an audience and the illusion of film filters on the accompanying video is a welcomed embellishment. Both the song and the video for “Where We Live” are memorable. Bravo to Born Days, Melissa Harris’ moniker. She’s got a new fan.

John McCall

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