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Bound bring us their dark mix of styles in “hold”

Soft and gentle, yet intense and powerful. It may sound contradictory, but “Hold” merges all this and more.

Mixing post punk, post-rock, shoegaze, dream pop, and even some touches of doom, Washington DC’s Bound are really on to something with the track “Hold”. Both the music and the vocals start of gently and increase intensity as the track plays on. The transition of what is essentially post-punk transforming into post-rock (with all its distortion and fast guitar riffs in the background) is as smooth as one could desire, the band making it seem like the most natural step to take. And it is.

“Hold” is the 4th track on Bound’s debut full length, called No Beyond. The album, being 60 minutes long, progresses from light to heavy, or from softer sounding tracks in the first half to harder hitting cuts in the second half. This is an intentional progression, and it will take you on a downward spiral of musical darkness. Be forewarned. And also be excited, overall this entire album shows an incredible attention to musical detail, and it is that kind of album you can just let play through (a rare commodity nowadays in the world of singles and short EPs).

But don’t just read about it, feel it for yourself!! Check out “Hold” right here, and make sure to support Bound on Bandcamp and social media (cause, you know, it’s how bands stay alive)!

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