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Brandon Agustus releases new Single “Let Your Heart Break”

The saying goes that time heals all wounds. That the only way to get through a breakup or a tragedy is to just press forward and get through it. As much as we don’t want this experience, it’s bound to happen at some point. Putting those same thoughts to music is New York based-singer and songwriter Brandon Agustus. In his new song “Let Your Heart Break” Agustus readies the listener for an auditory experience that grips the listener on its first note.

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From the album Days of Wasted Youth, “Let Your Heart Break” is an R&B and hip hop fused track. It follows Agustus’ debut 2016 EP Underneath the (Man)nequin. According to his press materials, Agustus grew up in South Florida and moved to New York City. He studied with the prestigious Songwriting Factory in Brooklyn, where he found his voice and expanded point-of-view to apply to music. Of his many influences, he cites the Eighties music juggernaut , with Prince and Whitney Houston topping the list.

Feel the shock in the oxygen I breathe, Agustus sings. His voice is alluring and calm. As the song moves along, his emotional reach expands, with the lines let your feelings show, ‘cuz pride don’t’ make you strong, let your heart break. More and more, the emotional toil unravels in his voice, tumbling around with the chorus and the words in the end you’ll find that you’ll be fine, letting your heart break. His singing is so focused, he implores his audience to take head of his words. While listening, it’s evident that Agustus has been through what he’s singing about. His personality shines through and his voice is riddled with experience.

The music bed has swerving voices, but overall the focus is on Agustus’ vocals. When he raps he seems just as ease. He drops in at least one F-bomb. I think it’s warranted and fits the tone of the song – as our heart breaks, we get angry. We go through that time and it’s part of the process. It makes us feel alive. “Let Your Heart Break” captures that process. Agustus balances the singing parts of the song to a tee. I thought the rap section in the middle or bridge was perfectly timed. His rap style is quick, but not Tech N9ne fast. He’s playful with the tramp rhythms and R&B tropes, but overall, it’s a smooth ride. I think fans looking for that never been heard beat will be more impressed by Agustus’ voice.

Overall, Agustus is a true talent. I think the music bed is memorable, but it’s his vocals that make “Let Your Heart Break” work the most. His voice is young sounding, but delivers a raw, emotive experience. What I liked most is that Agustus is real. His personality really shines through. Music fans should also check out his Spotify profile for other gems from Days of Wasted Youth. I also really dug “We Are Born” and the stirring “No Rain in L.A.”. Agustus is not your run-of-the-mill indie artist. I think he really excels at pouring his heart out.

John McCall

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