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Bronsen Vidas

Bronsen Vidas brings a new breed of Jazz fusion in “Killing Time”

With a flavorful pop/jazz crossbreed proposal, Bronsen Vidas manages to both stun and enchant with his newest single. “Killing Time” is a song about treasuring days when you’re free to do absolutely anything or nothing at all.The relaxed theme and vocals, coupled with the contrastingly dynamic music make up for an interesting texture that cuts both ways and immediately sold me on this up-and-coming artist and his fairly unique vision.

A largely self-taught musician, Vidas has been honing his skills and passion since his mom bought him a $63 Bass at the age of 8. Over the years he has taught himself to sing and play many other instruments, eventually making his way through many bands, playing as a Jazz Guitarist, and eventually as a lounge Pianist in San Francisco. These DIY Grind roots are readily apparent in the sound of “Killing Time”, as the Jazz Fusion sound is ingrained within the Laidback style and lyrics. One of the biggest elements to look out for in this song is of course in the Piano that stars alongside Bronsen’s distinctive voice as the driving force of the song.

Though “Killing Time” is a song about freedom from chores and work, it’s a surprisingly busy song with quite a bit going in a musical sense. No space is left empty, and every instrument weaves together a blanket of sounds that wrap around you, making for a very stimulating experience for the attentive ear. Do you want a groovy soul bassline? You got it. Do you want a serene and ethereal synth? Check. The more attention you pay, the more does Bronsen Vidas rewards you with bright instrumental performances to sate any appetite, even the late-arriving guitar work slaps you with the Soul Train ticket in case you missed it in the earlier parts of the song. All of his strong musicianship is served neatly for the benefit of an extremely catchy and empathetic lyrical package.

I think it’s plain to see where the pedigree of Bronsen’s music comes from, and solid as it may be, it’s his inventive concoction of that same pedigree into a fresh and easily digestible -but ultimately uncompromising- style and energy that really deserves the biggest praise here. To miss this artist now or in the future would be a sad mistake and a huge loss, I think he has the potential to take his charismatic and unique proposal very far, paying homage and bringing attention to the classic sounds that have informed and enriched his own.

The vibrant and diurnal vibe that seems to characterize most of Bronsen’s currently available releases will feel right at home in what remains of summer, and with so much available time to kill for so many people, the message may be more fitting now than ever before.




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