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Lana Blac’s new single “Suck You In”

by John McCall

Inside four minutes of the pure heavy metal thunder that is Lana Blac’s new single “Suck You In,” listeners are taken on a journey to the melodic core of Blac’s juggernaut sound and pressed to embrace the sonic mayhem that she and her supporting players deliver in the singer’s debut album Nocturnal. The gilded vocal that’s tucked in between the throttling riffs acts as a burning light at the end of an unforgiving tunnel that employs crushing rhythm and ferocious tonality to put anyone bold enough to press play in their place. Blac proves with “Suck You In” that her talents aren’t limited to the conveyance of illustrative lyrics in the midst of a snowstorm of sublime distortion exclusively, and anyone who lives for a chest-beating metal anthem will definitely want to give this song a spin.

URL: https://www.lanablac.com/

As its title warns us, the mountainous churn of the power chords will draw all within earshot into a menacing vortex of strings, drums and adrenaline that is hard to escape once encountered. Blac’s singing is just as hostile as the instrumentation is, but significantly cleaner in the mix. “Suck You In” toys with Pixies-esque stop/start dynamics but shifts and grinds in tempo enough to keep the sound rooted in traditional heavy metal songcraft. You can tell that while Blac’s influences are as diverse as rock n’ roll itself, she’s committed to keeping her style from becoming as muddied and undefined as that of her peers’ has.

“Suck You In” has a lot in common with the arena rock that paved the way for heavy metal’s renaissance in the 1980’s, but to say that this song isn’t indebted to the stylization of industrial music would be ignorant to say the least. The guitar and bass move with an almost mechanical trudge, and between the rigid grooves Blac’s vocal colors the melody with a fierceness that is chilling and magnetic. My gut tells me that in a live setting this song would take on a much more anthemic vibe and perhaps inspire an entire audience to grind to its aggressive beats – even in this format the temptation to mosh becomes exceedingly tough to resist. Unlike a lot of her contemporaries who have demonstrated little ambitions other than to recycle the despair and lyrical pessimism of legends like Black Sabbath and Slayer, Blac strikes me as a metal singer who wants to carve out her own path on her own terms, which is exactly what this song does on a creative level.

Lana Blac’s latest single is twisted and chock full of headbanging blows that few heavy music buffs will disagree with, and I find it to be one of the more refreshing metal singles that 2018 has had to offer so far. Blac doesn’t bore us with trite metaphors or Halloween-fueled theatrics that hold little relevance to sophisticated ears; she just cuts loose, puts down a wicked vocal track and knocks us out with a burning guitar riff that doesn’t shy away from a show of strength if it means leaving us shaken to our bones. While not the commercialized melodic metal of the MTV persuasion, I highly recommend “Suck You In” to anyone who thinks that the unvarnished roots of the genre have all but disappeared from our planet.

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