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Byre releases new (EP) Here In Dead Lights

Byre is the brainchild of Aaron Tanner (Off-Ox) and Zach Zint (Thunder Dreamer), their new EP, Here In Dead Lights is full-circle complete with the drums of Spencer Seim (Hella, Solos), veteran Rob Crow (Pinback, Goblin Cock), with guitarist Ryan Grisham (Mock Orange). And without sounding like a thesis, this is a hard EP to describe without comparing it to some of the music these artists are already well known for. But since I’m not all too familiar with them, it’s worth the challenge especially when they make it so easy from the get do until the end of it.

“Object Permanence” hits the senses very quickly and it’s obvious if you don’t like romantic sounds of the past, you’re probably not going to like Byre’s music. It takes appreciation of the roots of what they’re doing, and that’s where it takes home the prize for anyone who loves what they do. The keyboards in-particular get a nod here the most, but it’s also the guitar swirling around it until the melody pops back up and the excellence repeats itself in traditional fashion. You’ve just gotta love this song, and the rest plays like a bunch of would-be hits of the past and present with aim for the future.

The music is strong but so are the lyrics and the vocals are also second to none, with nothing but good things to be said about it. “Ghost Blood” takes you on an instantly different path that the EP’s opening track, as if they’re miles apart but on the same record. This leaves you with two tracks for the price of five, with three more to go, which is hard to believe before this great track is even half-way over. And for my taste, this track rules them all, but mileage will vary. This is track is like standing in the rain and it not bothering one bit.

“Melindiana” plays like something between the last two songs, not only because that’s what it is, it just fits into the right part of the script, which is full of different genres with a rock base. Tanner also writes books about bands, so that makes a lot of sense concerning the sound of Brye’s music. And while this isn’t the best track on the EP, it might still be one of the more interesting to fans of these musical minds which come together with purely magical chemistry.

I-TUNES: https://music.apple.com/us/album/here-in-dead-lights-ep/1460603940

“Gallagher III” is the second favorite of mine to be heard on the EP but check them all for the same standard to each their own. This is just another part where I got the most listening pleasure upon the first go around, so it’s a highlight for me. And the strength keeps on going on when the last track finally appears in the shape of “With A Hammer” to fall on either deaf or primed ears. Here’s hoping this primes some ears for what it’s worth, because this is EP is fantastic and so are the band.

John McCall

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