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Camera2 Drops “Natalie”

Like scenes from a major motion picture coming together to tell us a story through pose and visual poetry the same, there are no limitations allowed by Camera2 in the unfurling of their new music video “Natalie” this April. On the contrary, there is only a mad desire to connect childhood innocence with a mature, sensible means of appreciating romance at its most desperate; not unlike what many of us do when trying to shape a healthy relationship every day of our lives. They’re not holding back from us aesthetically or lyrically in this song, and thus, the video is just as gripping a document.

URL: http://camera2.com/

Depending on how you interpret the frames here, there’s definitely a balladic element to this release that can be appreciated with different degrees of intimacy. On the one hand, there’s something really close and exposed about the vampire imagery in this video, but it’s independent of the sense of wonderment given off by the harmonies accompanying our discovery of this element. The contrast is chaotic to some extent, but still totally necessary to our understanding of the conflict this singer is trying to illustrate with his words alone. Multidimensional might not do this justice; in some ways, this is so conceptual that it’s neo-progressive.

The layered feel of both the video and the song itself makes the experimental nature of the material a little more accessible than it would have been otherwise, but I don’t necessarily think the main goal with this release was to win over new fans for Camera2. There’s too much personality to the statements being shared here, and frankly too much of an honest push from the lyricist for me to classify “Natalie” as crossover indie pop; it’s not a radio feature intentionally, but it’s also not repellant to casual rock fans, either.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t absolutely in love with this band at the moment, and the moxie they show off in “Natalie” is undoubtedly why. They’re a unique outfit that doesn’t mind embracing the strange when it makes their message more tangible to the listener, and given just how many of their peers aren’t willing to go that extra mile to connect with the audience, theirs is a motivated mission that we need to be paying some more attention to this spring. They have my endorsement, and I have a feeling they’re going to win others with this piece.

John McCall

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