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Caracol ventures into a Flooded Field

Caracol’s latest release Symbolism is likely a stellar effort based on the merits of its single “Flooded Field”. Fans of a diverse musical approach will appreciate her fusion of pop and reggae, never erring too far towards one particular side, and the strong vocals she brings to the recording. She is joined by guest performer Illa J, a popular Detroit based rapper, and they generate surprising chemistry despite his somewhat limited contribution to the recording. The song has a predominantly pre-programmed electronic basis, even when it changes up styles, but the lyrical mood created through the synthesis of music, voice, and lyrics abides for the entirety of the song. Few modern pop songs are as complete as this and the song’s video only rounds out the experience for Caracol’s new and longtime fans alike.

There is a good mix of electronic and traditional helping to make this track stand out. The modern elements of the song are reflected in its attention to detail and unquestionable clarity. Caracol, likewise, uses electronic instruments more as a tool to provide color and never relies on them to carry the track. They are, furthermore, interlaced with traditional instruments like piano without there ever being a stark contrast between these seemingly warring elements. Piano makes a bigger impact on the song than others, namely guitar, but it is the mix of these disparate sounds that makes the song all the more memorable for listeners.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/05DVhqCl0NIyfyyCpqhXOF

Illa J’s guest spot, mentioned earlier, doesn’t represent the song’s crowning touch, but it does offer an interesting deviation from the norm that may surprise many listeners. He has the right amount of swagger, but the lyrics he brings into the song are a good contrast against Caracol’s words and helps complete the song in some ways. Caracol’s own words hinge on a few key images and prove successful at invoking the emotions she seeks to convey. Her obvious discipline in conveying a coherent and well constructed message helps this track reach its potential rather than sinking in self indulgence.

Many listeners will be quite taken with the song’s central image. It is an unusual touch in a pop song and immediately connected with me  As I listened to the song for the first time, I kept coming back over and over again to this vision of someone drowning in a water-logged field, one hand breaking the surface of the water and waving, signaling they are still there; the desire to help in Caracol’s voice is impossible to ignore. “Flooded Field” is one of the more evocative singles I’ve heard from any genre in recent history and I believe it will close 2019 as one of the best tracks from this year.

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John McCall

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