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Cecilia Ebba

Cecilia Ebba – “Breath Out Breathe In”

London based singer-songwriter Cecilia Ebba shared  ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’, an alternative folk track with an obscure and  haunting atmosphere.

The track is the second single from Cecilia’s solo project that began in 2016 in her home bedroom studio in London. Since starting the project she’s been collaborating with Lucas Mendes from The Park Studios (London), and together they have co-produced a number of tracks dressing Cecilia’s soaring voice and delicate finger picking on the guitar in vivid and atmospheric soundscapes.

According to Ebba, ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’ takes inspiration from artists such as Marika Hackman and Daughter. This is an intimate song depicting the singer’s reoccurring dream of seeking shelter under water whenever life has gotten too chaotic and and she has needed to hide away to catch her breath. The haunting mood of the track is set by a growling bowed bass, distorted guitars, swelling synths and the organic sound of an acoustic guitar and is contrasted against Cecilia’s airy melodies and hopeful lyrics. Together these elements help form a colorful and dreamy landscape of a night lit refuge just under the surface.


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