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Chelsea Wolfe – “16 Psyche” New Single Rocks Hard

Anyone who’s familiar with Chelsea Wolfe knows that dark, brooding, doom-ing and musing sounds are to be expected, and expected to sound awesome. In the new single “16 Psyche” all of those sounds get a hard rock touch, with more guitars and cymbals everywhere. All of this without loosing a touch of the darkness that makes us love Chelsea Wolfe.

Earlier this year it was announced that the album was recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge (the man seems to be everywhere these days, it is rumored that he’s in the studio now with Machine Head), and it features Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age. Perhaps these amazing musicians being involved explain the more rocker feel to the single, but that might just be me.

Chelsea Wolfe is playing some festivals this year, including Psycho Las Vegas, and she’s also touring with EBM duo Youth Code. But for us poor souls in the deep south part of Florida, the closest act will probably be Atlanta on October 11th, unless some musical miracle happens.

So here’s the deal, folks. Let us all pray to the Doom Gods that they bend that tour down to florida so we can get ourselves a solid audio dosage of Chelsea Wolfe and their upcoming album Hiss Spun, due out in September.

Check out “16 Psyche”

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