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Cheri Moon – “Ain’t I A Woman”

Cheri Moon isn’t just giving us vibrant images and powerhouse harmonies in the new video for her single “Ain’t I A Woman;” she’s presenting the audience with a complete, cross-cultural encapsulation of what femininity really stands for. Created in honor of Women’s History Month, Moon’s latest release stands on its own without the assistance of its colorful music video, but from my perspective, it’s made a little more profound when joined with the visual experience this document affords every verse in the track. If the goal here was to command respect and demonstrate skill at the same time, saying she hit this one out of the park might not be doing her work justice.

Official Website: https://www.cherimoon.com/

There are numerous themes in the music video for “Ain’t I A Woman,” but the greatest of them all is certainly empowerment of the female spirit. Presenting us with different dimensions of what it means to be a strong woman is only half of what makes this piece so credible; behind every frame we get a punch from the percussion that inspires heart-racing excitement, forcing the viewer to connect with the integrity of the narrative whether they’re prepared to or not. This is assertive songcraft at its finest, and I don’t believe I’ll be the only critic to tell you as much.

Moon’s vocal is undeniably the strongest element of melodicism in this mix, and when she really comes undone in the climax of the track, there’s really nothing capable of slowing her sonic momentum. I really want to hear her play this song live at some point in the future, primarily just to see how much of her studio energy would translate onto the stage. If even a fraction of it were to remain intact, she would put on a lights-out performance without much trouble at all.

It’s fairly obvious that the melodic depth in this single was meant to be a point of emphasis from the get-go, but I also like the fact that Cheri Moon isn’t overstating her talents at all. There’s plenty of space in this arrangement for her to dive into the chorus with even more bravado than she does, but she rightly restrains herself and preserves the fragile sensibilities of the instrumentation instead. She’s got a lot of discipline as a performer, and if that were up for debate prior to this release, I don’t believe it will be anymore.

I was already intrigued by the music of Cheri Moon beforehand, but with the release of “Ain’t I A Woman” I feel all the more compelled to get back into her work. She would be smart to follow up on this release with a proper album, as it’s more than clear she has the chops to produce as much, and even if it takes some time assembling the right material to press for her first full-length studio LP, I think her efforts will likely result in something both fans and critics like myself are instantly going to love.

John McCall

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