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Chris St. John Releases New Single

Chris St. John takes the listener on a sonic journey much the same way Jim Croce. His voice grips the listener in the same realm as Gordon Lightfoot. These gentle giant voices, like St. John, say so much with very little words and fanfare. Just a man and his guitar, St. John’s poetic sojourn in “I’d Send You My Heart” from his debut album, I’m Dreaming, is a remarkable example of an artist that found his voice and an audience that felt like they were waiting patiently for him all along.

A longtime law practitioner, St. John carefully arranges a vibrant guitar sound. If you took his vocals out (which I’m not suggesting you should) and were left with only the guitar’s beauty, you would be equally moved. The guitar neck creaks, and the gathering storm of strings is quite a hook. The listener is released into the hopeful, yearning tones. The acoustic guitar undercurrent is fluid and awesome in its own way. Playing in tandem with St. John’s reserved, but powerful voice, the colors of the song illicit towards a summery day, or gazing out across the beach waters. If “I’d Send You My Heart” were a body of water, it would be a deep, clear ocean. You can wade awhile in its warmth and find lots of time to reflect on life’s mysteries. Dare I say it, that the acoustic guitar felt cleansing and magical? Yes.

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St. John’s rhythmic tones in the guitar are not the only thing that stands out. The song also has a boost from a soothing, melodic electric keyboard. I think this sound cultivates a relaxing, content feeling. So does St. John’s voice. He takes out all the pain and the sorrow of grief. I felt like he was singing to someone in heaven, someone he can’t see in person any longer. He wants to send them messages of love and care. I will say it again, and again – he comforted me. His voice is like a safety net, there to embrace and block out life’s troubles.

Compared to his previous release, “I Called You Rose”, I liked “I’d Send You My Heart” just a bit more. I think St. John is definitely carving out a fine niche in the Americana/folk world. I believe that fans of any genre of music will appreciate his artistic pallet. He comes from a strong foundation and continues to build upon a voice that is sincere. He gives you hope, he allows the listener to find little trinkets of wonderment within the acoustic guitar. I wanted to chase that sonic avenue…and get to a point of reflection and peace. I think he accomplishes that in “I’d Send You My Heart”. I just adored his voice more than I thought I would. “I’d Send You My Heart” is precious. If ever there was a time to communicate with straight-forward love, the time is now. “I’d Send You My Heart” feels timeless and St. John has himself an enthusiastic new fan.

John McCall

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