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“Christmas Time For Everyone” by More Than Words

What happens when you get a family of three, some country guitars and a song about Christmas? Answer – you get the splendid hit Christmas song “Christmas Time For Everyone”. Sung in English by Germany’s More Than Words, this power pop, country-pop tune bundles together the holiday magic with one family’s universal message of love and joy this holiday season. A perfect sonic gift for the person in your life that means the most, or just a great opportunity to reflect on what you have that brings gratitude, “Christmas Time For Everyone” is also very entertaining.

WEBSITE: https://more-than-words-band.de/js_albums/christmas-time-for-everyone/

Spotlighting a few of the lyrics like be grateful for the life you live, you get a strong sense that More Than Words have a devotion for humanity and spiritual fortitude. The group, which is made up of family members Stephanie Hertel, Lanny Lanner and Johanna Mross, have a cherished synergy throughout the song. Even when they are singing solo, there always seems to be a strong bond. I felt like I was a fly on the wall during one of their living room concerts. They convey and create such a warm feeling, a community. The sound is crisp, you don’t hear any blemishes. But there are whispers of on-the-fly in the studio. What I mean is, I don’t think they computerized this song. I feel like they did it one take, and they had a ball in the process. I closed my eyes and imagined them smiling the whole time. That’s what this song does, too. It elicits endless smiles. The drum work falls in line with what we’re hearing a lot in the Nashville sound, that country pop arrangement. The guitar work, and the toe-tapping rhythm really hits the spot.

I think they could have lingered a bit more on the melodies, but I loved how they all switch off on their voices. I could be wrong – as the mother and daughter’s voices are very similar. You can definitely tell when Lanner sings. He comes in just after the song’s bridge. It’s a nice transition and I think in its own unique way wraps up the song like a Christmas gift.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/christmas-time-for-everyone-single/1539173881?i=1539173882&ign-gact=3&ls=1

The Christmas season can be hard on a lot of people – depression sufferers have a rough go of things this time of year. Music can be healing and therapeutic. If ever there was a Christmas song that lifts up and bolsters your spirits, it’s “Christmas Time For Everyone”. It does so by pure musicianship, excellent vocals and down-to-earth lyrics. If anything, the song spirals the listener down to a hopeful, thought-provoking spring well. I loved that it touches on sentimentality, but it doesn’t dwell in it. Sometimes the songs we love the most are the ones that say the least, and this is one of those songs that lets the harmonies do the talking. More Than Words have a wonderful hit on their hands and I’m anxious to hear more from them in the years to come. “Christmas Time For Everyone” is the correct answer to the holiday blues.

John McCall

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