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Christopher Hill and the Stardust Crush – “Love Is Stronger Than Death”

Christopher Hill and the Stardust Crush – “Love Is Stronger Than Death” is a single track from the album – KAABA (Keeping America All Better Again), which is the follow up to their previous album MAABA (Making America All Better Again). The concepts of these albums are politically based however they are not as much of a protest as they are a positive message of hope and peace in these dark times of the Covid-19. Hill combines a variety of musical styles but has also been most widely described as Death-Folk-Rock and Post-Psychedelia music, but this track is essentially a straight-forward folk-rock tune and a very-good one.

WEBSITE: http://christopherhill.net/

“Love Is Stronger Than Death” does not come in on the KAABA album until track seven, but it does make for the right single to lead off with, as it gets right down and does the business for any fans of acoustic music and great songwriting/storytelling. The lyrics are deep and thoughtful, but mostly in the sense of confiding in his advice more than trying to be any other voice than Hill’s own. This is a very captivating song with a lot of the same musical roots I have always had, which I will get into later.

First of all, it took me some good research to wrap my head around Christopher Hill’s words and comprehend the band’s ultimate mission which is to unite the future and move away from the division this country has been engaged in for so long now. And that is important to mention because it makes one think and reflect on the current state of a falling nation. Most music fans are looking for the most positive and healing music they can hear in the lockdowns, and this track along with the entire album comes recommended for a great example of that.

The percussive values of “Love Is Stronger Than Death” are what help the song keep a bottom end with the acoustic strumming and hand claps standing out behind the lush voice of Hill. And having never heard any of their/his music, I was surprised to hear how good this is because I was expecting something much darker, being described as Death-Folk-Rock, but other tracks to explore that. I am just focusing on “Love Is Stronger Than Death” over other songs by this incredibly good artist/band. It has that familiar sound you cannot put your finger one but feel like you have heard it somewhere before.

APPLE MUSIC: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/christopher-hill-the-stardust-crush/1171654399?ign-gact=3&ls=1

The influences of Hill run everywhere from Bob Dylan to more obvious contemporary folk singer/songwriters, but if you listen deeper it’s a fusion, an amalgam of styles that have been described as Mason Jennings meets Black Mountain and Bob Dylan meets Radiohead. And I can agree with that, but “Love Is Stronger Than Death” comes out all Hill, with a lighthearted love song about figuring out the fears and relying on friendship to light the way and keep the bad stuff away, almost like a lullaby. The journey continues and Hill is there to help heal along the path with this lyrically poignant and musically majestic song.

John McCall

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