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Creux Lies presents music video for ‘Portals’

By Olivia McAuley

Following the release of Creux Lies latest full-length album The Hearth, they now present us with a gripping music video for ‘Portals’, the first single on the album and a fan favorite.

The video is a colorful whirlwind of scenes, focusing mainly on a pair of enigmatic masked men and their would-be prey. The mysterious masks that are worn by the “villains” seemingly go unnoticed by their smiling targets. Juxtaposed against flashes of videos of wild animals on the hunt, a dark and macabre metaphoric storyline appears. Throughout the short film, we catch glimpses of vocalist Ean Clevenger performing the track, coming into sight in alleyways as the tale unfolds.

“The song “Portals” is about romantic mythology, predatory love, dualism, etc. In the case of the video’s concept, it’s a killer eat’s killer tale. There will be no prisoners taken in the war for love.” – Creux Lies

The video was directed by Eric Scharfenberger in collaboration with the band, and the mysterious and detailed masks used in the video are made by Wintercroft. Check it out now!


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