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Dana and The Wolf share their new song “Him”

Dana and the Wolf share “Him”, a song about Wolf’s (Daniel) separation from Judaism at 18 and that delves into the ways in which religion, like a domestic abuser, can keep a person trapped in fear. The track elegantly combines soulful vocals with an electronic beat and strong willed guitar notes. The track is versatile, and would work just as well as a movie soundtrack as it would in your local bar.

Dana and the Wolf is formed by Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf. The two met in film school, where Hobson was studying acting and Wolf directing. “I would cast Dana in my films,” he says. Though they’ve been together for a decade and have created side-by-side before, the couple only began writing as a duo about a year ago. “We never thought to make music together because we always had such opposite tastes,” says Daniel.

Talking about their new single “Him” Dana says “You could relate it to a toxic relationship with a man, but it could also be a toxic relationship with organized religion.”

Listen to the song and check them out on their socials Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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