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Dante HH Shares New Single and online Poker Game in Homage to Lemmy Kilmister

Los Angeles blues-punk band DANTE HH are back, drawing on their signature energetic style to create a deep, upbeat and loud tribute to the late Motörhead vocalist Lemmy. With heavy riffs and pounding drums, “Motörhound” is a rock’n’roll rabble-rouser, a track which you can headbang or dance to. The lyrics borrow several classic verses from the Motörhead catalog, adding them up to aptly describe the iconic musician the tribute is dedicated to.

“When DANTE HH started its career we had the opportunity of meeting Lemmy. He encouraged us to keep going when we barely had any songs at all. We didn’t get a chance to see him again, but we decided to create a tribute to him in the same way he did once for the Ramones” – Kami Rayne (vocals).

Along with the single itself, DANTE HH also is releasing it’s custom Motörhound online poker player, a wink to Lemmy’s passion for electronic card games that he would indulge in when not on tour.  You can check out the game (and your luck) here! Both the online game and the artwork for the new single were created by SHARPBALL, a design studio based in Colombia.

Check out DANTE HH’s new single “Motörhound” here:

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