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Datura Daydream – “Sea Six”

Datura is a plant with a flower known for its delirious and hallucinatory effects, and the experience it produces is much like an intense daydream that is impossible to snap out of, much less know you’re in it. Then there is Datura Daydream, a musical version of this experience.

“Sea Six” is just a beautiful song. It’s moving, kaleidoscopic, cinematic… full of rises, falls, storms and calm. And the music video, the third in a series of seven, is just as textural and sensuous. Think Tame Impala with a dash of Radiohead — but only as a reference, because these guys have their own organic sound.

Datura Daydream is a three-man band from Toronto, composed of Kevin Robert Fong (guitar/vocal), David Larocque (bass), and Turner Wigginton (drums). Their album, The Lick Is In The Lisp was just released early this month and is well worth the listen if you enjoy long musical journeys. They also recommend watching the videos from start to finish. Do it!

Check the album out here: https://daturadaydream.bandcamp.com

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