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David Drake’s second single “Touch the Burning Sky”

The new video for David Drake’s second single, “Touch the Burning Sky,” opens with a mysterious collection of images that lead us to a deserted lake surrounded by what seems like endless forestry. Drake takes a canoe and ventures into the middle of this lake, serenading us with the lyrics to “Touch the Burning Sky” whilst an instrumental fabric as soft as silk begins to unfurl in the background. The environment is both intimate and a product of isolation – whether chosen or forced is entirely up to the viewer’s interpretation – but despite the incredible view we’re offered, little can distract us from the sensational harmony coming to life in the music.

More on David Drake:: https://www.daviddrakemusic.com/

Although the structure here is incredibly simple, the melodies that clash into each other in the master mix actually yield a bit of chaos that conflicts with the easygoing energy of the video’s imagery quite a bit. The tightness of the arrangement almost makes the climax just past the 3:00 mark a little overwhelming, but in the best way possible – instead of giving us something halfhearted or clearly sanded-down for radio play, Drake is delivering a track in “Touch the Burning Sky” that is as powerful as its name suggests it could be.

David Drake has a long way to go if his goal is to change the game for alternative singer/songwriters, but what he’s accomplished in the music video for “Touch the Burning Sky” and the song on its own is an amazing way to start his career off on the right note. This is a track that demands for us to look and listen a little closer than we normally would, and while it’s a bit more cerebral than the status quo calls for, the elaborate nature of the narrative here is perhaps what makes this single so difficult to resist.

John McCall

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