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“Deep” (SINGLE/VIDEO) by Ready, Steady, Die!

Brought forth by a disturbingly subtle drumbeat, we are drawn into a surreal soundscape in “Deep,” the new single and music video from Ready, Steady, Die! out this fall, with little fanfare – what counts here more than anything else is texture, an element that will shape the mood of the music in this song as much as any lyric ever could. Whether we’re watching the video for “Deep” or experiencing its unsettling intro in the standard single format, its originality and broadminded melodic structure easily make it one of the most interesting indie tracks currently available this season.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/readysteadydie

There’s a lot of depth to the music video’s nightmarish visuals, but the star of this show is always the soundtrack in the background, influencing what we’re to make of any given shot before they ever pop onto the screen.

Ready, Steady, Die! would be a doom metal duo if they had distorted down-tuned guitars instead of minimalist synth elements, a percussive drive and vocals that are softer than silk, and no matter what juncture of “Deep” we’re analyzing, they use everything down to the negative space in the mix to make it impossible for us to escape their emotional reach.

I was not at all familiar with who Ready, Steady, Die! were before I got ahold of “Deep” just this September, but the presence they have in this single is too strong for me to forget anytime soon. Though I don’t know how to brand them in terms of genres, this is a band that has a creative insight and hybridity that is very obviously still evolving, and a track like this definitely establishes them as genuine contenders in an increasingly competitive underground scene. They’ve got some moxie putting this out right now, and I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

John McCall

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